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"We give better value within our products, rather than upcharging $50 - $600 for different parts. We incorporate it into the price, that way our customer has the best right from the start. "

- Harry Hruska -

Spend Less & Race More

NEW 3-Bolt Turbos
3-bolt exhaust housing allowing for a direct-bolt factory mount, a bigger turbocharger, and more power!
3-bolt turbos



Most impressive 7675 turbo tested, period. Amazing spool and so fast. HPT Turbochargers

Rolando Lopez
Orland, FL

The new standard for quality. You can see it right away, the only thing better is how good they work, you will NOT be disappointed.

Michael Licht
Fraser, MI

Most impressive small frame turbo in that size I have ever used! Next stop is to the top! Service and support is 11 out of 10!

Kris Johnson
Miami, FL

35+ Years of Experience

Harry Hruska Tells His Story

We might be a new name to the industry, but our story is legendary. Watch to see why Harry decided to get back in the turbocharger game.

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