Automatic 2-Year Warranty

Your HPT Turbocharger comes with a 2 year warranty from the original date of purchase. To offer additional protection & peace of mind, we have partnered with HPL Superior Lubricants to develop a program that extends your turbocharger’s warranty to FOUR years!

Extend Warranty to 4-Years

To take advantage of the extended warranty program please fill out the form below.

MUST INCLUDE:  (1) Original order number. (2) Company you purchased from. (3) The type of motor oil you use.

Please call 219-996-3460 if you have any questions about which oil would best suit your needs!

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Warranty Terms

WARRANTY TERMS & PRODUCT INFORMATION: Subject to all the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth in this document, HPT provides the following warranties to the original purchaser of certain HPT products. When used in this document, “You and Your” mean only the original purchaser of the warranted HPT product. “HPT” refers to HPT.


HPT offers a two-year warranty on turbo system parts purchased by You from HPT. HPT warrants to You that HPT Turbocharger will be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase of the system. In order to maintain eligibility for the warranty period, there are certain requirements and exclusions, which apply, as follows:

You must be the original purchaser of the turbo system from HPT or one our trusted confirmed dealers.


If a HPT product is within the warranty period and You wish to make a claim, please follow the following procedure: Call HPT at (219) 996-3461 with the following information available: Copy of original invoice on which the product was purchased. Perceived problem. HPT will then offer suggestions to help You in troubleshooting or will issue a Return Authorization (R.A.) Number to return the product for warranty evaluation. If You have been issued an R. A. Number, You must “safely package” each product, which means You must place the product(s) within a shipping box strong enough to hold the weight of the product(s) and to maintain its shape during shipping with adequate packing material so that the product(s) will not hit other products(s), component(s), or the side of the box during shipping. You may want to use a professional shipping company. Clearly mark the R.A. Number in large (approximately 2”) alphanumeric characters in two locations on the outside of the box with a bold marker. Include in the shipping box the following items: Copy of original invoice on which the product was purchased (must be dated and show retail store name); Perceived problem. Return Authorization number, and; -Address to which the product is to be shipped after inspection for HPT to send replacement turbo. Ship the properly safely packaged and marked box via United Parcel Service,, or other carrier, prepaid and insured for the retail value of the product being returned to:

Precision Distributors, LLC
3 Costin Dr
Hebron, IN 46341
R.A. # ______

You are responsible for all shipping charges. If a HPT 2-Year Warranty does not apply, we will advise You of the specific reason for denial and explain to You the costs involved in repair or replacement of Your product.