How are HPT Buick Turbochargers Different?

How are HPT Buick Turbochargers Different?

How are HPT Buick Turbochargers Different?

Going back to the beginning, Harry Hruska pioneered many products for the Buick community. Plug and play aftermarket computer systems like DFI, Felpro, Speedpro, Fast, BS3 Stock location, front mount intercoolers, fuel injectors and computer chips. And, of course, TURBOCHARGERS! The Buick community has been (and still is) a very special part of Harry's legacy.

As a  “thank you,”  he has developed some NEW Buick Grand National turbos with 2023 features that will put more power in your engine!

"I would like to introduce these new turbos for the Buick community. They were great to me early in my career, and it's time I return the favor." - Harry Hruska

In this article, we will review the following: 

  • New Buick turbocharger features
  • Two new Buick turbocharger sizes
  • Why we made this a priority

New Buick Turbocharger Features

Harry has been in the Buick and turbocharger world for over 35 years. Remember the TA48, and TE60, those were the first developed, and many are still running today!  With the launch of HPT Turbochargers, he has taken that experience and incorporated new features that will give your turbo more longevity and power. Let’s talk details:

  • External wastegate mount on the turbine housing - This is one of the most remarkable details to hit the Buick community in a long time. No more needing to weld onto your up-pipe. We’ve incorporated a 44mm /45mm wastegate flange into the turbine housing. 

    If you don’t need an external wastegate, we included a block-off plate and v-band clamp with the turbocharger. Either way, you have control over the boost!

  • Iron integrated Backplate - This is a standard feature in all HPT Turbochargers so every customer will see this benefit. But here’s why it is so exciting for Buick guys… In the past, the compressor cover to the compressor wheel would have touchdown due to the fact the stock-location intercooler would break free and sideload the turbocharger.

    Thanks to our iron integrated backplate, we’ve strengthened the turbo to withstand that external load, and it will significantly reduce the possible compressor wheel touchdown. Saving you the headache of spending time and money to send in your turbocharger for repairs.

  • Extra new features to make the Buick community excited:
    • Improved compressor wheel and turbine wheel aerodynamics
    • HPT unique Ball bearing center section for faster spool up
    • ORB Oil Drain Fitting on F3 and soon on F2


Two New Buick Turbocharger Sizes

Of course, we’ve made the go-to Buick turbo sizes for you. Including the F2 6262, F2 6466, and F2 6870. But here are two more sizes that will shake things up:

  • HPT F2 6264 - This new turbo size is an excellent match for the engine and has fewer compromises than other current turbochargers. Time will tell as we listen to our customer’s performance results and feedback.

  •  HPT F3 7170 - This is an excellent option for Buick drivers who want over 1000 horsepower! This turbo has all the same features listed above, plus it has v-band clamps to make it easier to orientate and a -10 OSB oil drain fitting. 


Why We Made This a Priority

As we said at the beginning of this article,  Harry pioneered many products for the Buick Grand National and made a name for himself in the turbocharger and racing world back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Now that we’ve fast-forwarded into the present day, we know the new turbos will be a significant improvement over the 20yr old technology still being sold and serviced today. Let's never forget those who supported us in the early days. Harry wants to take what we’ve learned and build out the best turbochargers the Buick community has ever seen!!

It’s important that we take care of those who have taken care of us. We see the Buick community has a very loyal group of drivers, and it only made sense that we prioritized them. Give them something great to be excited about!


Ready to Order your HPT Buick Turbocharger?

If you’re an active member of the Buick racing community, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard of Full Throttle Speed! They have a fantastic team, facility,  and are knowledgeable on all aftermarket parts for Buick race cars.

Please reach out to Full Throttle Speed to order your new HPT Buick Turbocharger! They’ll be able to help you determine the best turbocharger size for your application.


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