HPT Turbo Warranty: One That Can’t Be Beat

HPT Turbo Warranty: One That Can’t Be Beat

For the past 30+ years Harry's motto has been, "I want my customers to spend less and race more." Our hopes are to set a new standard by providing the best warranty in the turbocharger industry. 

In this article we take an in-depth look at HPT Turbochargers's warranty. We will review:

  • 2-Year Hassle-Free Automatic Warranty
  • 4-Year Hassle-Free Extended Warranty
  • Real Life Turbo Warranty Stories
  • Lessons Learned

HPT Turbocharger 2 Year Warranty

HPT 2-Year Hassle-Free Automatic Warranty

We are very proud of our hassle-free warranty. If you hurt your HPT turbocharger, we will simply replace it.

No joke, no gimmicks, no lies. If your turbocharger sucked up a rock and it damages the wheel, or if you accidentally starved it from oil, we will send you a brand new turbo. No matter the problem you are covered. 

We understand that turbochargers endure some wear-and-tear therefore if the turbocharger is performing, but it's a little scuffed up, greasy, etc. that does not qualify for a warranty replacement. This warranty program is specifically related to damaged turbochargers.

HPT Turbochargers 4-Year Extended Warranty

HPT 4-Year Hassle-Free Extended Warranty

To take it one step further, we are offering an extended warranty for your HPT Turbocharger.

We know, we know, we all get those phone calls about "your extended warranty is about to expire." This is so not that, but pretty funny, had to make the joke. Anyways, back to business....

We've partnered with HPL Superior Lubricants to bring you this incredible option. When you purchase one case of HPL Motor oil from our website, we will extend your turbocharger warranty to 4 years.

HPL specifically designed their oils to stand up to the harsh demands of all high performance engines.

Key Facts about HPL Motor Oil:

  • Superior aniti-wear formula reduces damaging wear and increased engine life

  • Protection at startup and low oil temperatures

  • Film strength that maintains stability at high temperatures and with fuel dilution

  • Low friction coefficients reduce parasitic loss and increase performance

  • Increased alkalinity prevents rust and corrosion

  • Promotes cleanliness and sludge prevention/removal

  • Exceptional anti-foam capability

  • Made in the USA

We feel extremely confident that when you start running HPL Oil, you and your car will both love it. 

Real Life Warranty Stories

These are real stories that resulted in a REPLACED turbo. Both cases were human error.

  • A jet ski guy making big power, he pinned the wastegates closed and hit the engine with a shot of nitrous to see how much boost it would make. Data shows it made over 53 psi. Approximately 3 runs later is severely overspread the turbo, causing it to burst the compressor wheel.
  • A customer sent a 6466 CHRA in for warranty. The turbo had suffered an oil starvation situation. This lack of lubrication caused the bearing to eventually fail.

Lessons Learned

No one is perfect - mistakes happen. That mistake shouldn't steal your joy by forcing you to either spend the money on a new turbo or give up on making it out to the track this year. We will always be willing to work with you because we want you in the winner's circle, not broken in the pits. Everyone is locked in to ONE free replacement. If there are any additional issues that require repairs or warranty attention, we will address it accordingly and help get you running again.


Ready to Join the HPT & HPL Family?

We are so excited you have made it this far in the blog and hope you are ready to join the HPT Turbocharger & HPL Oil family. Check out the link below to see what turbochargers we have in stock. You can also extend your warranty right away but purchasing HPL Oil right through our website!


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