HPT Turbochargers Website Launch

HPT Turbochargers Website Launch

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! The HPT Turbochargers website has officially launched! Needless to say, this has been a long time coming. 

In this article we will review:

  1. Our history in the turbocharger industry
  2. How HPT Turbochargers are different
  3. Our special website launch surprise 

1. Over 35+ Years of Turbocharger Experience

Some of you know who Harry Hruska is, he is quite legendary. If you don't know him, then a quick Google search will tell you a lot. Harry is our CEO and he's been leading the charge on the creation of HPT Turbochargers.

Harry got his start in the turbocharging and racing industry back in the 1980s. He changed the game by modifying turbochargers to achieve higher horsepower levels. This eventually lead to the creation of a company you might have heard of before, Precision Turbo & Engine.

Over the years Harry worked closely with engineers and racers to create some of the most impressive turbochargers in the game. With 300+ world records and over 200 world champions, Precision Turbo made an impact on the racing industry, that he is still very proud of to this day.

2. How HPT Turbochargers are Different

With Harry's expertise and knowledge of the turbocharging industry. He knew exactly what he wanted to do when it came to getting back into the game. Create a turbocharger that gives the customer all the features they are looking for without upcharging. Here's what we mean:

We want to give you the best of the best! Improved turbine wheel and compressor wheel design for more horsepower and less back pressure.

3. Our Special Surprise

Even though we have the experience and the connections to bring our customers a really kick-butt product. Some buyers may be a little hesitant because we are a new name. And we totally understand that. We can't wait to prove that our turbochargers are capable of high horsepower and performance.

To the believers and trendsetters that are willing to take a chance with us and help us build our credibility, we want to give you a special gift. The first 50 customers who purchase a turbocharger on our new website can have a FREE case of HPL Motor Oil AND a FREE HPT T-shirt. Here's how:

  1. Add your turbocharger to your shopping cart
  2. Add your desired case HPL Performance Motor Oil to your shopping cart
  3. Add a HPT T-shirt with your shirt size to your shopping cart
  4. Use code FIRST50 at checkout

Show your support by rocking the new HPT t-shirt! 


Are You Ready to Take a Chance?

We hope you're just as excited as we are for the launch of our turbocharger brand and the website. 

When you invest your money with HPT, HPL or AFIS, know that you are shopping small to support a business that LOVES drag racing as much as you do. We test all our own products to make sure they are the best option available for you. We want to see all of y’all set personal best passes, win races, and break some records! You’re not just an order or number to us; you’re family.

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  • Mike Caruso

    Best of luck with this new deal. Once people realize who you are it will take off buddy.

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