Sizing Your High Performance Fuel Injectors

Sizing Your High Performance Fuel Injectors

Properly Sizing Your High Performance Fuel Injectors

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your racing engine, every component counts. Among the most important elements, fuel injectors play a crucial role in delivering the right amount of fuel with impeccable timing. As racing enthusiasts and professionals alike seek to push the boundaries of speed and power, selecting the proper fuel injectors becomes paramount. Enter AFIS Injectors, a leading name in the realm of high-performance fuel delivery systems, offering a range of injectors tailored to meet the demands of various racing programs.

Key Considerations in Sizing Fuel Injectors

Selecting the right fuel injectors for your race program involves careful consideration of several factors. AFIS Injectors simplifies this process by focusing on key factors:

  1. Horsepower Goal: Understanding the horsepower target is fundamental in determining the correct injector size.

  2. Number of Cylinders

  3. Fuel Type: Different fuel types have different consumption rates, pump gas/ race gas, ethanol and methanol all require different size injectors to support the same horse power.

  4. Power Adder (N/A, Turbo, Supercharger): Knowing the type of power adder is an important part of "fine-tuning" the injector recommendation. 

  5. Single or Dual Injectors: The choice between single or dual injectors can vary depending on fuel requirement, application, and intake manifold design.

AFIS Injectors stands out in the market not only for its commitment to performance but also for its exceptional product features:

  • One-Piece Construction: AFIS Injectors boast a one-piece design, synonymous with OEM quality and reliability.

  • No Internal O-Rings: Not having internal O-rings provides improved reliability by eliminating potential failure point.

  • Standardized Design: With a standard body length of 1.85 inches and EV1 connector, AFIS Injectors provide seamless integration into a wide range of intake manifold designs. 

  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction: Crafted from stainless steel, AFIS Injectors offer maximum corrosion protection and longevity. 

  • Flow Matched Sets: Each set of AFIS Injectors undergoes flow matching, guaranteeing consistent fuel delivery across all cylinders.

  • Excellent Idle Characteristics: AFIS Injectors are engineered to deliver exceptional idle characteristics. 

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, we stand behind our injectors.

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