The HPT Turbo Team is Growing - Welcome Rolo Lopez!

The HPT Turbo Team is Growing - Welcome Rolo Lopez!

In a significant move for HPT Turbochargers, Rolando "Rolo" Lopez, the esteemed owner of CFT Shop based in Orlando, Florida, has officially joined the team. With over 30 years of experience in turbocharger application tuning and a profound understanding of the drag racing world, Rolo brings a wealth of expertise to his new role on the sales team.

As a seasoned figure in the racing community, Rolo's championship experience and deep knowledge make him a valuable asset for HPT Turbochargers. His primary responsibility will be to drive the growth of the HPT brand by establishing and cultivating new dealer accounts. This strategic move aligns with the company's vision to expand its market presence and enhance its commitment to high-performance automotive solutions.

Founder and CEO of HPT Turbochargers, Harry Hruska, expressed his pride and excitement about Rolo joining the team. Hruska stated, "I am extremely proud to be growing the HPT team, and I feel extra blessed that it's Rolo joining our ranks. His wealth of experience and passion for the industry align seamlessly with the values and aspirations of HPT Turbochargers."

Rolo's entrance into HPT Turbochargers signifies a deliberate effort to fortify the company's position in the market. His proven track record in turbocharger application tuning, coupled with his respected standing in the drag racing community, enhances the company's reputation as a leader in high-performance automotive technology.

Overall, the collaboration between Rolo and HPT Turbochargers marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey. With Rolo on the team to expand dealer networks and grow the brand, HPT Turbochargers anticipates a positive impact on its continued pursuit of excellence in the turbocharger industry.

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  • Nelson D Rios

    V-Band Inlet V-Band Discharge 1.15 A/R hola donde yo puedo sacar estas medida para una F5 gracias

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