The Role of Zinc and Moly in Synthetic HPL Engine Oil

The Role of Zinc and Moly in Synthetic HPL Engine Oil

The Role of Zinc and Moly in Synthetic HPL Engine Oil

Molybdenum disulfide, commonly known as Moly, is another additive that works synergistically with zinc (aka ZDPP) in engine oil to enhance lubrication and reduce friction. Moly is a solid lubricant that can withstand high pressures and temperatures, making it effective in various engine applications. When used in conjunction with zinc, moly provides additional benefits:

Boundary Lubrication: Moly is known for its ability to provide lubrication under extreme conditions, especially in situations where the lubricating film may be thin or interrupted, known as boundary lubrication. This is complementary to the role of zinc as an anti-wear agent, providing an extra layer of protection to reduce friction and wear on critical engine components.

Load-Carrying Capacity: Moly has excellent load-carrying properties, making it effective in reducing friction and wear in heavily loaded areas such as camshaft and lifter interfaces. When combined with zinc, it enhances the overall load-carrying capacity of the engine oil, providing better protection under high-stress conditions.

Reduced Friction: Moly's ability to reduce friction is particularly beneficial during cold starts or when the engine is operating under low-speed, high-load conditions. The combination of moly and zinc helps maintain a lubricating film between moving parts, preventing metal-to-metal contact and reducing friction.

Temperature Stability: Moly remains stable at high temperatures, and its presence in engine oil helps ensure continued lubrication and protection even in extreme operating conditions.

By combining zinc and moly in engine oil formulations, HPL aims to provide a comprehensive solution for wear protection, friction reduction, and overall engine performance. 

HPL is the winning recipe! Our recipe is strait forward; we use ONLY the highest quality synthetic-base oils and additives without cutting corners. HPL Lubricants are engineered with ample amounts of critical chemistry which allow it to survive and perform under the harshest conditions. Our lubricants far exceed API and O.E. oil requirements so you know you can trust its reliability. HPL has proven to be a superior product against the leading competition. Made in the USA!

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