Fuel Injector Flow & Clean Service

Fuel Injector Flow & Clean Service

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Standard Service: $20 per Injector + return shipping
Injectors will undergo flow testing using the standard AFIS parameters (43.5 psi, 16 Volts, 6000 rpm, and 80% Duty Cycle). We will provide the injector flow data at 80%.

Advanced Service - $30 per Injector + return shipping
Injectors will be tested based on the customer's criteria, considering Fuel Pressure, Voltage, RPM, and pulse width. Injector flow data will be provided at the specified pulse width, as well as during Idle and Static conditions.

Complete and print the Injector RMA Form by following this link >> RMA FORM and place it in the box along with the complete set of injectors. You will pay once your injectors are finished being serviced. 

The average turnaround time for our Flow & Clean service is 3-5 business days. Injectors will be shipped back via UPS ground.

If you require expedited service, a Priority Service is available for an additional flat rate of $50Priority service ensures shipment within 1-2 business days. Additional charges for expedited shipping will be collected once the injectors are ready for return.

Shipping address:
3 Costin Drive
Hebron, IN 46341

For any questions, please contact us at (219) 996-7777.

Performance fuel injectors can accumulate debris and contaminants over time. Several factors contribute to the need for cleaning and flowing these injectors between seasons:

1. Fuel Quality: Racing fuels may contain additives and impurities that lead to the formation of deposits in the injector, impacting engine performance.

2. Contaminants: Dirt, debris, and other contaminants can find their way into the fuel system, potentially causing the injectors to stick. Regular cleaning helps prevent these issues.

3. Injector Wear: High-performance engines often operate under extreme conditions, causing wear and tear on the injectors. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and flow testing, helps ensure the injectors operate at optimal performance.

4. Consistent Performance: High-performance engines require precise fuel delivery. Even minor variations in injector flow rates can lead to uneven fuel distribution. Flow testing helps identify any discrepancies in the injectors' performance.

5. Preventive Maintenance: Cleaning and flowing injectors between racing seasons is a form of preventive maintenance. It ensures the injectors are clean, lubricated, and in good working order for the next racing season.

6. Valuable Data Acquisition: In addition to the cleaning and flowing process, valuable data acquisition is another crucial aspect of maintaining and tuning high-performance fuel injectors in racing applications.

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