HPL Spray Detailer

HPL Spray Detailer


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HPL Spray Detailer

Perfect for quick touch-ups and a flawless finish. This premium detailer revitalizes your vehicle’s surface providing a just-waxed look in minutes. It swiftly removes dust, fingerprints, and light contaminants, restoring your vehicle's shine. The advanced formula contains high-quality polymers that deliver a deep gloss while protecting the paint from UV rays and pollutants.

Key benefits include instant shine, easy application, and a protective formula. Simply spray on and wipe off for a quick, hassle-free detailing process. It is safe for all exterior surfaces and ideal for in-between washes or car shows.

Usage instructions: Shake well, spray a light mist onto a cool, clean surface, wipe with a microfiber cloth, and buff lightly to enhance the shine.

Keep your vehicle looking its best with USA-made HPL Spray Detailer for a showroom-ready finish anytime, anywhere.


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